Evo Grill Outdoor 30″ Affinity 30G – Build In



Evo Grill Outdoor 30″ Affinity 30G – Build In


The Evo Grill Build-In Affinity 30G Cooktop is the perfect solution for people who love to entertain.  Foods can be prepared directly on the cooktop, or with pots and pans much like traditional stove top cooking. The Evo Grill Build In Affinity 30G Grill has a 30” diameter with a black oil-seasoned steel surface.  There is an optional ceramic-clad cook surface available.  What sets Evo Grills apart from other BBQ Grills is the versatility a flat top creates when cooking.  Sear steaks or scallops, make pancakes, or grill bacon, bake a pizza,  saute green beans, or boil shrimp.  If you can think it, the EVO Grill will allow you to make it outside perfectly!

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The Evo Grill Build-In is a flat top grill preferred by more Executive Chef’s of 4 and 5 star hotels than any other grill in the USA.  Why?  Because of the Evo Grill is all about performance, versatility, and quality.  Not to mention how beautiful the Evo Grill is to look at and how fun it is to cook on.

The Evo Grill Build-In has edge-to-edge surface temperatures range from 225ºF to 675ºF (121ºC to 357ºC) from the center to the outside edge without the hot spots and temperature problems prone to traditional square griddles. The burner system on the Evo Grill Build-In has a push button electronic ignition system which ignites both burners simultaneously. A stainless steel drip pan completely surrounds the underside of the cook surface catching all food debris and is easy to clean. Separate spill over trays that contain and hold drip pan debris are concealed in slide out drawers at each side of the control panel. The Evo Grill Build-In operates on either Natural Gas or Propane LP Gas.

The Evo Grill Build-In Affinity 30G Classic Cooktop is an ideal solution for creating a social cooking space in any outdoor kitchen. The Evo Grill is heated by two sets of burners under the cooking surface, and an inner and outer gas tube that allows independent heat adjustment each (inner or outer) cook  zone.  The heat is delivered to each burner via separate inner and outer control knobs.  This will allow you to sear part of your meal, while sauteing another part on a lower heat.  The Evo Affinity 30G also comes with a stainless steel lid so that the unit can also mimic an oven and bake your favorite pizza creation.

Evo Grill Build-In Affinity 30G Includes Accessory Box As Our Gift:

The Evo Grill Build-In accessory box is equipped with the basics for cooking and cleaning. Contains 2 spatulas, Evo Grill scraper, Stainless Steel Cleaner, 3M brand cleaning handle with 2 gray cook surface cleaning pads (#46) and 2 cook surface cleaning screens, and a stainless steel spill-over pan.


Evo Affinity 30G Gas Grill Datasheet

Evo Affinity 30G Gas Grill Trim Kit Datasheet

Evo Affinity 30G Grill Owners Installation Manual

Evo Affinity 30G Trim Kit Installation Manual

EVO Inc. Website

Additional information

Fuel Type

Natural Gas – #10-0055-NG, Liquid Propane – #10-0055-LP

Trim Kit

+$895 – Trim Kit – #11-0123-ATK, No Trim Kit

Upgrade Surface

Seasoned Cook Surface – Standard, + $595 Ceramic Surface – #11-0003-UG


Professional grill surface cleaning kit (3M brand) – Includes handle pads and cook surface cleaning screens. • 2 stainless steel spatulas, 1 stainless steel scraper, stainless steel cleaner and protectant. • Owner’s Manual, Use and Care Instructions & Evo Color Illustrated Cookbook.


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The limited lifetime warranty on the Evo Grill states the grill shall be free from rust-through on all metal surfaces and shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal and reasonable use from the original date of purchase. The 1 year warranty applies to all electronic components, gas components, accessories, and repair parts including, but not limited to, electronic displays, overlay and membrane switches, temperature sensors, hot surface igniters, computers, transformers, heater elements, relays, igniters, ignition controllers, wiring, switches, encoders, outlets and plugs, gas regulator, gas hoses, and manifold assemblies. Evo promises to replace, at its determination, any product or component that is defective and covered under this warranty for as long as you, the registered original consumer-purchaser, owns the grill.


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