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 Evo Grills – Ultimate Versatility For Your Next Gathering

Evo Grill 30 Professional Tabletop

Evo Grills will change the way you cook outdoors.  Inspired to be a new kind of outdoor cooking appliance, the Evo grill is a circular flat top cooking surface that lets people share the joys of cooking by allowing them to prepare virtually any cuisine, with any technique, from any angle. Making dishes directly on the low carbon steel cook surface allows you to sear like a pro, as well as sauté, grill, toast and stir-fry. Make one meal or make five at the same time.   You can also use pots or pans to boil, braise, poach or steam. No other appliance is this social. No other appliance lets you be this creative.  Entertaining family and friends is a delight.  Everyone agrees.  Evo allows you to prepare your next meal for family and friends in an atmosphere that everyone will enjoy,  Evo brings people together and makes memories.   SHOP EVO GRILLS NOW

Evo Affinity 30G  All Weather Outdoor Kitchen

Evo Affinity 30G All Weather Outdoor Kitchen

EVO Affinity Classic Build In Series

The Evo Grill Affinity 30G Cooktop is designed for built-in installation to outdoor kitchen counters and is available in propane or natural gas. With a 30” diameter grill surface, the Affinity 30G has manually controlled inner and outer burners with two variable heat zones ranging from 225°F to 700°F (107°C to 371°C). Designed to install seamlessly into an outdoor kitchen counter, the Evo Affinity comes with a stainless steel lid that converts this flattop grill into an oven for baking, roasting, or smoking. Read More

Sizzling Ribeye Steaks on the EVO Grill

Sizzling Ribeye Steaks on the EVO Grill

Curtis Stone cooks on the Evo Grill

Curtis Stone cooks on the Evo Grill

Evo Professional Classic Series

Grilling has never been this much fun!.  With two choices  – The Evo Professional Wheeled Cart Grill stands at a perfect grilling height for friends to gather round and watch you cook.  The Evo Professional Tabletop Grill is designed to be placed on a table and has the added benefit of being portable.  Both Evo Grill models are designed for outdoor entertaining.  The Professional cooktop has a 30” diameter black oil seasoned cooking surface and dual independently controlled burners with two heat zones producing edge-to-edge even heat ranging from 225°F to 700°F (107°C to 371°C).Two knobs on the control panel adjust the burners which are lit simultaneously using a push-button electronic ignition system.  To protect against spillovers, a stainless steel drip pan surrounds the cooking surface.  A stainless steel lid is included that converts the grill into an oven for baking, roasting, or smoking.  Read More


Evo Affinity Elite Series – Indoor Grill

Elevate your indoor kitchen with the choice of two ultimate indoor social cooking appliances – The Evo Affinity Elite 30Ge Grill in Natural Gas and the Evo Affinity 25E Grill in Electric. With two models to choose from, gas or electric, the Affinity Elite is the solution for your custom kitchen. Prepare and share everything from a delicious pancake, sausage and egg breakfast to the most flavorful seared steaks, seafood and grilled vegetables you’ve ever tasted. Sear, steam, grill, toast and stir-fry directly on the Evo Affinity Elite’s traditional non-stick oil-seasoned cooking surface to capture and keep your food’s natural flavors. Use your everyday pots or pans to boil, braise, poach, sauté or fry.  Read More