Chefs Favorites Cooked on the Evo Grill

chefs on evo grill

Get inspired with photos of some of the wonderful things cooked by professional chefs on the Evo grill. Your possibilities for outdoor entertaining just got larger! From breakfast for a crowd to searing fish and tortillas for a taco party, you are only limited by your imagination with an EVO grill on hand. No flare ups and even  direct heat make everyone be able to create professional results on your own patio.

chef carmen quagliata of union square cafe ny on evo grill

Chef Quagliata happily took questions and gave cooking tips to the guests at Charleston Wine and Food festival.

polenta cubes for grilling

Chilled polenta cubes easily. Plain dental floss can be helpful in cutting.


Grilled Pork Belly and Polenta Skewers served hot off the evo grill.

Grilling Area at Charleston Wine and Food

Guests in the Grilling Area get up close question and answer time with Chef Todd Richards and enjoy served plated samples in a bistro setting.

The Kiawah Resort often serves breakfast alfresco from the evo tabletop model.

The Kiawah Resort often serves breakfast alfresco from the evo tabletop model.

evo pancake recipe

Check out the Sorghum Mollasses gelee’ being cooked right into each mini pancake.


Enjoy pancakes fromthe evo grill.

Brunch at Kiawah Resort, SC

An Italian take on breakfast crepes hits the perfect balance.

Chefs Cook on the Evo GrillChefs on Evo Grill
Brennen Florie of The Granary sears Short Ribs
Chefs on Evo Grill

Chef Andy Henderson of Edmunds Oast sears Pork Shoulder.

chefs on Evo Grill

Chef Neissner of Halls Chophouse sears Bison tenderloin

Find your favorite Chef and see what they are cooking on the EVO Grill. From dessert to Paella, the dishes we can prepare outdoors easily expand with Evo.