EVENGLO Radiant Floor Mounted Patio Heater – Natural Gas



EVENGLO Radiant Floor Mounted Patio Heater – Natural Gas



The EvenGLO Patio Heater is fuel efficient and powerful because it works via Infra-Red Radiant heat to warm your surroundings as well as your guests!

  • Exotic, Torch Flame Design – Customers will love the heat and the ambiance even more
  • Two-Stage Comfort Control – High for COLD nights and Low for COOL nights
  • Remote Ignition Switch – Flick of a switch to Hi-Lo-Off
  • Flame Sensor – Re-lights if blown out, automatic safety shut-off of gas if no flame present
  • Operating Lights – Allows for easy distinction of Hi-Lo-Off and servicing becomes effortless
  • Heavy-Duty, Welded Base Plate – Install heaters after concrete is poured
  • Potted Module – Confidently light your heaters after continuous salt spray and snow
  • Optional Gas Connection Cover – Hide those pipes and wires in style
  • In Stock – 304 Stainless Steel and Black Finishes are readily available
  • Custom Colors and Designs Available – see Colors & Designs for more info
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EvenGlo Deluxe Patio Heater Brochure

EvenGlo Floor Mount Patio Heater Installation Manual

EvenGlo Floor Mount Patio Heater Spec Sheet

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304 Stainless Steel – E301NUS, Black Powder Coat – E202BL – 15


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