Charleston Wine and Food Festival 2016 Kicks Off!

Charleston Wine and Food Festival

Charleston Wine and Food Festival 2016 Kicks Off

boozy brunch

The historic and charming setting of the Boozy Brunch.

Charleston, SC.  It’s an embarrassment of riches. We have what is arguably one of the finest dining scenes to be found anywhere.  And it’s ever changing and expanding with new places opening regularly.  How’s a girl to keep up?!?  It seems impossible at times to stay in the know about all the great things going on around town (a sad problem I know).  And that’s for a committed local omnivore.  For the average visitor, it can be downright daunting to choose just a handful of places from so many great restaurants.  I am often asked what is my favorite restaurant (impossible question).  Or, what is the newest and hottest place right now (easier-as long as you’ve been out a lot lately).   So here is my very best local in the know answer.

                                                                         “Get tickets to the Charleston Wine and Food Festival.”

Charleston Wine and Food Festival

What an iconic setting to enjoy a “boozy brunch” in Charleston.


Because whether you are a local or visiting this is the one weekend of the year where you can pretty much catch up on everything. Whether it’s the newest cocktail place or that hall of fame favorite, they will be at the Charleston Wine and Food Festival. How can you beat all of that amazing talent in just one place, for just one weekend.  It is like fitting in a years worth of dining out fit into just a couple days. And that isn’t even mentioning all the wine events. On top of that, there are star regional and national chefs joining as special guests.  For a local, it can be like a weekend dining out of town as well. (And no, I do not work for Charleston Wine and Food Festival.)

Since moving to Charleston, SC eight years ago I have gone to chswff every single year. And it has always been a true highlight in my culinary year. And in my opinion, it just keeps getting better each year.  A couple of years ago we decided to bring some of our EVO grills to sponsor and demo in the grilling area. It has been such a treat to get to know some of the chefs who are gracious enough to do demos on our grills. So when you do get those Culinary Village tickets, come by and say Hello.evo grills

To give you a taste of the event, here is my photo blog of The Charleston Wine and Food Ticket Launch party held last Sunday. It was a fun and delectable Boozy Brunch.  I like to buy a ticket for the ticket launch every year, as it gives me a taste of what’s in store. This year it was held at the Old Navy Officers Quarters on the North Charleston Waterfront (Attention Army Wives Fans!). Charleston Wine and Food Festival What a perfect historic setting to celebrate a kick off brunch. I loved the switch to a brunch time for this year. And we couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather. Blue skies and cool river breezes.  Because really, how hard is it to decide where to take visiting relatives out for brunch? It is often their last meal here in Charleston. And we have so many iconic southern brunch restaurants to choose from.  If only we could attend this “Boozy Brunch” at will!  The list of fantastic restaurants and chefs included such favorites as The Fat Hen, Cannon Green, Edmunds Oast Eleve, The Obstinate Daughter, The Grocery, The Ordinary, The Macintosh, The Granary, Pancito and Lefty, and of course Husk.  Plus so much more. Like jazz, lawn games, so many craft cocktail choices, and a gastronomy word game. Charleston Wine and Food Festival

Throw in a Rose’ bar and an outstanding collection of creative food and you have the Boozy Brunch Ticket Launch event. If this event was any indication of what’s to come in 2016 Charleston Wine and Food Festival – we are in for the best year ever.

So, be in the know this year. And don’t delay getting your tickets because they are already going fast!

See you all there and I hope you enjoy the fun preview!

Charleston Wine and food 2016

Chef Amalia Scatena of Cannon Green seting up her plates for the guests of the Boozy Brunch.

Charleston Wine and food 2016

Shrimp with Avocado Escabeche was a cool favorite from Chef Amalia.


boozy brunch

New (E’Leve’) and not even yet open places (Pancito and Lefty) were gaining fans easily.

Charleston Wine and Food Festival

Chef Travis Grimes of Husk preparing his wonderful dish of preserved duck over warm creamy grits with red eye gravy. Yeah, it was amazing.

Charleston Wine and Food Festival

Cool Rose wine bar by the band was a happy gather spot.

boozy brunch

The Obstinate Daughter prepared juicy lamb collar over creamy red beans with microgreens.

bloody mary bar

Blonde or Redhead? Both fat and Juicy and Natural Blonde teamed up for the Bloody Mary Bar.

Evo Circular Grill

Charleston Wine and food 2016

A light dish from the new Edmunds oast pastry Chef Emily Cookson.

Charleston Wine and food 2016

Semolina cakes with yogurt creme and apples.

Charleston Wine and food 2016

Spicy yet sweet caramel corn was on offer at the Grocery bar.

boozy gatronomy tatoos

And like all really good boozy parties, the team at Chswff gave the boozy brunch guests the option to leave with a little souvenior. The Gastronomy tatoos were of course only temporary. Taylor here was a true “afishcionado” of the whole event.

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