Top 10 Reasons to buy EvenGLO Patio Heaters

Top 10 reasons to buy EvenGlo Patio Heaters

Presenting our top 10 reasons to buy EvenGlo Patio Heaters. You know that we love being outdoors as much as possible, but we also desire complete comfort and luxury. At we carry only one brand of patio heater for both commercial and residential use, and that’s EvenGlo. After researching the market, we simply believe them to be the best.  Here are […]

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Fall: My Favorite Season

fall my favorite season

Fall is my favorite season, but it wasn’t always so. As a child, fall meant an end to summer freedom and a return to order, structure, and wearing shoes. But now that I am older ( and I hope a bit wiser) I truly relish this special time of year. I savor each day with an intensity I find […]

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Szechuan Eggplant on the EVO Grill


Change Your Mind About Eggplant Confession. Until recently, I really didn’t care for eggplant. I’d tried it grilled,fried, parmesaned, ratatouilled, and baba ganoushed. I liked some of those things alright, but not enough to make it at home on a regular basis. That all changed when I traveled to China. I discovered that  I  really liked eggplant […]

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Easy Hibachi Dinner Party with EVO

Hibachi flavor at home

    An Easy Hibachi Dinner Party with EVO Grill is simple to accomplish with my step by step guide. I’d even say the results will be better than dining out at a traditional Japanese Steakhouse. It will certainly be a lot more affordable. For what you would spend on a family of 4 at a typical Japanese Steakhouse, you […]

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