EVO Grill Veggie Tacos Recipe

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  Deliciously different, completely healthy, and still totally craveable. EVO Grill Veggie Tacos highlight the flavors of fall produce.  It’s officially Fall and the local markets are loaded with an abundance of harvest produce that is just perfect for grilling. A deliciously different twist on using these healthy beauties is to pile them together inside

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How To Not Screw Up Thanksgiving

how to not screw up thanksgivng

Thanksgiving wisdom to keep everyone happy (about the food anyway).

Thanksgiving is almost here and we are all trying to put together a great crowd pleasing menu. If you’re reading this I’m going to assume you probably enjoy cooking (because really, isn’t that who reads food blogs?). But this time of year there are those who rarely enter the kitchen nervously googling up Thanksgiving menus.  And maybe you have landed here. Because somehow it has happened that you are hosting Thanksgiving this year. Or perhaps you’re just looking for that one perfect dish to bring to your mother-in-laws. To be clear, this “How to Not Screw Up Thanksgiving” advice pertains to all these types of people. Because in my experience they all make the same most common mistake when it comes to a Thanksgiving menu.  So which ever you are, pay careful attention. You do not want to screw up Thanksgiving.

This time of year the magazine stands and food websites are filled with new and creative ways to jazz up your Thanksgiving menu. Because really, how are they going to entice you to buy another issue or click on a recipe if they didn’t? I get it. And perhaps like many of you, I absolutely love the thick food magazine issues and recipe laden web pages of Holiday feasts. I do get bored cooking the same thing and see these new recipes as a creative outlet.

Tempting creative ideas like these-

Southwestern Spiced Turkey

10 Desserts that aren’t Pie

thanksgiving desserts

A delicious dessert that is not and will never be pie.

Parmesan Wasabi Mashed Potatoes

“31 Totally Unexpected Sides

how to not screw up thanksgiving

While honey yogurt sauce and pepitas are surely delicious on your sweet potatoes you have to ask, “What would Grandma think?”. Yeah, mine too.

“Chorizo Almond Stuffing

how not to screw up thanksgiving

This is NOT a whole bird. Read warning below.

and “Cranberry Pomegranate Gelatin“.how to not screw up thanksgiving

These are all real recipes (with links) I’ve found just today as I googled Classic Thanksgiving Recipes. And they both intrigue and tempt me as I look forward to Thanksgiving. But here’s my very best advice. Honed from both eating and cooking many a Thanksgiving meal.


This is not the time to try out a boneless turkey breast stuffed with kale and cherries. The heritage grains you’ve been itching to try can wait for another day. I know those creative takes look fun and are probably delicious. And maybe you’ve made simple buttery whipped potatoes a hundred times. But this is the one time of year to stick with the classics.

how to not screw up thanksgiving

No one is tired of these. Make a double recipe.

Because no one is tried of eating buttery whipped potatoes at Thanksgiving. No one. Trust me on this. People come to your table with strong taste memories. And this, more than any other Holiday is built around those food traditions which you grew up with. With out them, it just doesn’t feel like Thanksgiving.

I remember back to my first year hosting Thanksgiving. I did fall prey to the idea of a boneless stuffed turkey breast. I thought, “I don’t want to have to carve that thing!”. I told myself, ” No one eats the dark meat any way. Everyone wants the breast.” And I’ll make an Asian glazed pork tenderloin to go with it!  Everything turned out delicious.  But the look on my father in laws face when my neatly rolled breast and pork tenderloin came to the table said it all.  You do not want to see that face looking back at you this Thanksgiving. No Big Golden Bird guarantees disappointment.  I never made that mistake again.

And here’s the trick.  Do collect those fun fall entertaining recipes and please do give them a try.  They make perfect “friendsgiving” meals, birthday celebratons, or company dinners.  Even a romantic date night in cooking together.  I love the fall flavors and produce this time of year.  But do it before Thanksgiving .  Do it after Thanksgiving.

The very best advice on “How Not to Screw Up Thanksgiving” is make the tradition foods that mean the most to your family.  And do them to the very best of your ability and budget.  The freshest produce and the best turkey you can afford.  Make your own pie crust and multiple pies the day before.  Buy that special Oregon Pinot Noir.  Make a killer cocktail. Get some rich European butter.  Think back to your very strongest Thanksgiving food memories and make sure those items are on your table.  Make sure if your hosting people from outside your family (think in-laws), that you know what dishes they are looking forward to most.  And find the best recipes you can get your hands on for some of them.  Here is a great basic wisdom resource for Thanksgiving from Martha Stewart.

hno can green bean casserole

From the food blog Handle the Heat, a no canned casserole that keeps those classic onions. Feel free to fry your own shallots.

Don’t use canned soup and beans in your green bean casserole (yes that is truly possible and much more delicious). Or anywhere on your table. It is amazing what really good ingredients can do for Grandma’s classic recipes. Here is a link to Alton Brown’s perfect Roast Turkey with video to get you started. And some “do ahead” help from the trusted Silver Palate.  Make ahead Creamy Mashed Potatoes

How To Not Screw Up Thanksgiving

Making Mashed Potatoes ahead can be tricky, but here’s how. Thanks Silver Palate.


how to not screw up thanksgiving

Yes, you can and must make a perfect whole Turkey.

And if you just have to make that Grape and Goat Cheese Stuffing recipe from Food52, make sure its not the only stuffing on your table. Ditto for Giada’s Spiced Pear and Gorgonzola Tart. Because while they make be “smack the table good”, no one has been dreaming of these recipes on their 5 hour car trip in holiday traffic whilst small children complain in the backseat. No one. They want your mother’s stuffing, or if your mom wasn’t gifted in the kitchen, what they wished their mom had made. Juicy herb and butter basted turkey with a golden crispy skin. Served whole. Mashed potatoes like clouds with rich turkey gravy. Buttery rolls. And yes, at least 2 kinds of pie. I’m partial to making 3 or 4 ( James Beards Pumpkin, Mile High Apple, and Pecan). This is a feast and we will require leftovers (Pie makes a great breakfast). Chocolate Cream and Lemon Ice Box vie for my fourth place. Fresh whipped cream not from a can is mandatory (or maybe vanilla ice cream). I have the recipe below for how to make homemade whipped the day before Thanksgiving without it deflating. (Now you have no excuse. Put down that can.) Because really, how often do you make pie? Or if your buying it, serve pie? No one is tried of these dessert classics because we rarely get them any more. Maybe by New Years we will be ready for a change.

cedar planked pork chops on evo grill

Here is my Cranberry Apple Stuffing inside Pork Chops. I cedar plank cooked them on my EVO grill. Delicious but DO NOT serve this on Thanksgivin

But not at Thanksgiving.

How to make a perfect thanksgiving dinner

Criag Clairborne’s Perfect Pecan Pie is within everyone’s reach. Top with my make ahead whipped cream.

pumpkin pie

For some people it will not be Thanksgiving unless they have a slice of Pumpkin Pie. So here is a great one from James Beard.

Go ahead and make those creative recipes and try fruit or oysters or goat cheese in your stuffing. But put it in your pork chop this Sunday night.

Everyone will love it. Because its not Thanksgiving. On that revered day just don’t put anything into your stuffing your grandmother would push aside and say, “Interesting” about.

That is “How to Not Screw up Thanksgiving”. Warning- following this advice and perfecting classic recipes that your family looks forward to will usually result in your hosting Thanksgiving quite often. So if that’s not your ideal- reverse all this. Click here for that creative Spiced Pear and Gorgonzola Tart recipe and forget apple or pumpkin. Your welcome. And Happy Thanksgiving!


1 t unflavored gelatin dissolved in 2 T cold water

1 1/2 C Heavy Cream

1/2 C Sugar

1/2 t vanilla extract

Beat cream, sugar , and vanilla until very soft peaks form. Slowly fold in gelatin mixture until soft peaks form. Refrigerate over night to serve on side or use to top cream pies immediately.


bbq shrimp stuffed with butternut squash on evo grill

Here you can see the butternut squash peeking out of the finished bbq shrimp.

BBQ Shrimp with Butternut Squash is a truly delicious fall dish.  Because let’s be honest, orange food on your plate somehow just always tastes like fall has arrived.

bbq shrimp with butter nut squash

Red Lentils cook in a pot on evo grill while butternut squash sears. Orange food means fall.

And by now you’ve probably outgrown your love of candy corn.  This dish is a better (and healthier) alternative. Full of great fall flavors and that perfect orange hue.  These bacon wrapped shrimp will impressive both on the table and in more importantly in your mouth.  But the absolute best part?  Only 5 Ingredients!  They combine to give maximum flavor and texture way beyond 5 ingredients.

Paleo Friendly, Low Carb, Gluten Free and yet totally craveable.  That’s a whole lot of “special diet” check marks when entertaining a group!  But trust me, no one will think “diet food” when they taste these.  I love the arrival of all the varieties of hard squash that signify fall in the produce aisle and farmers markets.  I hope that this recipe is a creative new inpiration to use some of it.  I  like to serve additional simply grilled fall vegetables as a side.  These colorful cauliflower make for a dramatic and healthy plate.  You might even get a kid to love cauliflower if its orange and purple!grilled vegetables on evo grill

Because when you team up sticky caramelized shrimp with creamy butternut squash and crispy bacon, even vegetable challenged individuals will swoon.  I also usually make extra butternut squash cubes and serve them alongside as well.

This simple recipe does have two secret ingredients in its humble list of 5.  These help elevate it beyond average bacon wrapped shrimp.

sugar free bbq sauce

One of my favorite healthy condiment finds. Organicville BBQ Sauce.  I get mine at Whole Foods.

First, I use Organicville Barbecue Sauce.  In addition to being a superior organic product, it also contains absolutely no sugar.  Agave really gives it a nice balanced sweetness that complements perfectly without overpowering the natural sweetness of the shrimp. Your guests will only notice how delicious it is.

The second secret ingredient is dates. I tuck a quarter of a medjool date inside each shrimp along with the butternut squash.  The date gives a nice pop of  sweetness and texture to the dish.


bbq shrimp with butternut squash on evo circular grill

Here is everything you need to make an impressive fall dinner.

BBQ Shrimp with Butternut Squash

Serves 4 as Entrée

1 lb Wild American Shrimp (peel, devein, and slightly butterfly for stuffing)

1 Package Good Quality Bacon

Handful of Medjool Dates (cut into quarters)

1 to 2 cups Butternut Squash cut into cubes (depends on if you want to serve extra alongside)

Olive Oil

Flake salt or sea salt

1 T Smoked Paprika

1.Prepare squash. Most stores now sell squash already cut and cubed so feel free to take a short cut to get this vegetable on your table more often. If you bought it whole, peel and cube squash and toss with olive oil, 1 t smoked paprika, and 1 t salt ( I do the same prep for whatever other vegetables I’m grilling).

Cook squash for 10 minutes at medium evo grill (or 375 oven) until lightly browned and softened. Set squash aside.

I also begin my cauliflower and red lentils at this stage. Sautéing onions, garlic , cumin and red pepper in olive oil while my vegetables grill. Then I simply add 1 cup Lentils to 3 cups salted water, cover, and let the lentils simmer while I grill up the BBQ Shrimp.

fall vegetables grilled on evo grill

Don’t you just love the multi colored cauliflower?  It adds such color to the plate.




2. Now, take prepared shrimp and place on top of slice of bacon on cutting board. I will usually make 4 at once assembly line style to speed things up. Top with cube of squash, date piece, and sprinkle of smoked paprika and flake salt. I like how the flake salt gives real control of amount of salt and gives a hit of salt instead of  overall “saltiness”.

Wrap bacon around shrimp as tightly as possible. Begin at head and move towards tail end. If your bacon seems too long you can to trim the extra.  Keep a couple of skewers or toothpicks on hand in case one is difficult to wrap. Lay finished shrimp seam side down and keep cool until finished all shrimp.

bbq shrimp with butter nut squash

Shrimp is ready to be wrapped in bacon once topped with dates and squash.

3. Cook wrapped shrimp seam side down at medium on evo grill.  After about 3 minutes flip over. You want to achieve maximum browning on all sides without overcooking the shrimp. The bacon really helps keep the shrimp from drying out. Once flipped, baste with the bbq sauce.

Cook an additional 3 minutes, flip, and baste other side.  I  give the shrimp a little time on its head to caramelize the top.  As shrimp are ready remove from grill and keep covered with foil on warm plate until serving.


Here I served theBBQ Shrimp with grilled fall vegetables, red lentils, and garlic naan bread warmed on the grill. Red Lentils are inexpensive, full of fiber, protein, iron, and vitamin B.  They also look like tiny little pumpkins which makes them an instant hit in my house. When cooked for about 30 minutes, they make a terrific healthy spread for the garlic naan bread. Here’s a simple recipe if you’ve never made lentils. I buy mine in bulk from Whole Foods.  And if you happen to have a vegetarian/vegan as a guest, they really make a great vegan dinner option. Just serve the red lentils with the grilled vegetables and naan. No extra work required!

easy entertaining with evo grill

A whole dinner cooked at once makes entertaining easier.

I grill my vegetables and garlic naan bread right alongside my shrimp. It’s one of the things I love about working on an evo flat top grill.  The versatility of both direct and indirect cooking at the same time. With the zone specific heating, you can sear one thing while keeping another warm.

healthy fall dinner with evo circular grill

A colorful and healthy plate of food that sings with fall flavors. Enjoy!

These BBQ Shrimp are a perfect recipe for Football or Tailgate parties where they can be enjoyed straight out of hand.  But they also great for a dinner party when served with Garlic Naan, Fall Vegetables and Red Lentils. Thats the version I’ll feature today. In fact, these bbq shrimp would be a phenomenal starter for your Thanksgiving meal. If you do make it an evo grill, it will get everyone outside for awhile (always a plus on Thanksgiving).

However you decide to serve up these addictive BBQ Shrimp with Butternut Squash and Bacon, I hope you will find them a creative and craveable addition to your fall menus.