EVO Grill Veggie Tacos Recipe

Evo Grills

  Deliciously different, completely healthy, and still totally craveable. EVO Grill Veggie Tacos highlight the flavors of fall produce.  It’s officially Fall and the local markets are loaded with an abundance of harvest produce that is just perfect for grilling. A deliciously different twist on using these healthy beauties is to pile them together inside […]

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How To Not Screw Up Thanksgiving

how to host thanksgiving well

Thanksgiving is almost here and we are all trying to put together a great crowd pleasing menu. If you’re reading this I’m going to assume you probably enjoy cooking (because really, isn’t that who reads food blogs?). But this time of year there are those who rarely enter the kitchen nervously googling up Thanksgiving menus.  And […]

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BBQ Shrimp with Butternut Squash

BBQ Shrimp with ButternutSquash

BBQ Shrimp with Butternut Squash is a truly delicious fall dish.  Because let’s be honest, orange food on your plate somehow just always tastes like fall has arrived. And by now you’ve probably outgrown your love of candy corn.  This dish is a better (and healthier) alternative. Full of great fall flavors and that perfect orange hue. […]

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Top 10 Reasons to buy EvenGLO Patio Heaters

Top 10 reasons to buy EvenGlo Patio Heaters

Presenting our top 10 reasons to buy EvenGlo Patio Heaters. You know that we love being outdoors as much as possible, but we also desire complete comfort and luxury. At outdoorlux.com we carry only one brand of patio heater for both commercial and residential use, and that’s EvenGlo. After researching the market, we simply believe them to be the best.  Here are […]

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Fall: My Favorite Season

fall my favorite season

Fall is my favorite season, but it wasn’t always so. As a child, fall meant an end to summer freedom and a return to order, structure, and wearing shoes. But now that I am older ( and I hope a bit wiser) I truly relish this special time of year. I savor each day with an intensity I find […]

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