Evo Grill Indoor Electric 25″ Affinity 25E – Build In



Evo Grill Indoor Electric 25″ Affinity 25E – Build In


The Evo Affinity 25E Elite Cooktop is designed for indoor residential kitchens. An extremely capable cooking appliance, the Affinity 25E is ideal for warming, holding foods, and for low-to-high temperature preparations. Foods can be prepared directly on the cook surface and indirectly using and pots and pans like traditional stove top cooking.

The 25E Elite has a 25” (635mm) diameter ceramic clad steel cook surface heated underneath by a single dual-zone electric heater. Evo’s technology allows independent heat adjustment across inner and outer cook surface zones for managing a wide range of menu possibilities. Electric heaters deliver heat to each cook surface zone via separate inner and outer control knobs. Individual temperature monitoring is digitally displayed for each zone.

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Includes Accessory Box As Our Gift:

This Evo Electric Grill comes with an accessory box equipped with the basics for cooking and cleaning. Includes Evo color illustrated cookbook and 2 spatulas. Also contains Evo scraper, 2oz aerosol can of Sheila Shine, 3M brand cleaning handle with 2 gray cook surface cleaning pads (#46) and 2 cook surface cleaning screens, and a stainless steel spill-over pan.

Surface temperatures range from 150ºF to 525ºF (66ºC to 274ºC) from the center to the outside edge without the hot spots and temperature problems associated with traditional square griddles. The heater system is electronically controlled and engaged with an On/Off button.

The LCD display shows inner and outer set temperatures that correspond to each respective analog knob position. A display icon illuminates whenever a heater becomes active. A Mode selector displays actual momentary temperature at both inner and outer cook surface zones. A Hot Surface warning indicator illuminates when surface temperatures are above 150F (66ºC). Operating on 208V-220V, single phase, 3.9kW, 18.75 AMPS with an average current draw of under 16 AMPS, the Evo Electric Grill Affinity Elite is the perfect centerpiece for any kitchen. For indoor social cooking spaces, try designing your Evo into your kitchen island.

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Trim Kit for Evo 25E

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Trim Kit

+$695 30Ge "Trim Kit" #11-0122-ATK, No Trim Kit


The limited lifetime warranty on the Evo Grill states the grill shall be free from rust-through on all metal surfaces and shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal and reasonable use from the original date of purchase. The 1 year warranty applies to all electronic components, gas components, accessories, and repair parts including, but not limited to, electronic displays, overlay and membrane switches, temperature sensors, hot surface igniters, computers, transformers, heater elements, relays, igniters, ignition controllers, wiring, switches, encoders, outlets and plugs, gas regulator, gas hoses, and manifold assemblies. Evo promises to replace, at its determination, any product or component that is defective and covered under this warranty for as long as you, the registered original consumer-purchaser, owns the grill.


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