15″ Marvel Outdoor Clear Ice Machine 30iMT-SS-F


15″ Marvel Outdoor Clear Ice Machine 30iMT-SS-F



Marvel’s clear ice machines utilize a process called fractional freezing that removes impurities. The result is a clear, pure cube sized and shaped to cool your beverage quicker while taking less room in your glass.


  • Produces up to 34 lbs. of clear ice in 24 hours
  • Fractional freezing process removes impurities
  • Available with or without drain pump
  • Specially designed motor and impeller reduces startup and operational noise
  • Stainless steel ice cutter and sound-dampening
  • Solid stainless steel door, corrosion-resistant cabinet
  • Full length professional-style handle and stainless steel toe kick
  • Right or left hinge door
  • Height adjustment up to 1″ with leveling legs
  • 33 ¾” H (minimum) x 14 ¾” W x 23 ¾” D

Marvel Clear Ice Machine Installation Instructions and Maintenance

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Left Hinge with Drain Pump 30iMT-SS-FLP, Left Hinge without Drain Pump 30iMT-SS-FL, Right Hinge with Drain Pump 30iMT-SS-FRP, Right Hinge without Drain Pump 30iMT-SS-FR


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